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Meet and greet
Life is moving so fast. So let’s have a short introduction date. You will see fast that there is more time needed ;)
1hour - 400

Let’s get to know each other 
There is no rush. There is time to listen to your fantasies and talk…time to seduce and being seduced. A perfect date to get to know each other and explore 
2 hours - 650

Wine and dine
Meet for a dinner and a glass of apero…sounds like a fantastic date. Undressing lady with your eyes in the restaurant. But are you ready for action ?
4 hours - 900

All night long 
You like to take your time. The night is young and so we are. Let’s make a night to remember and be tired in the morning!
12 hours - 2000

Travel with me - Party with me
You are always looking for more. You like the challenge and challenge others. Share your ideas and we will think how to make it happen! 
Price on request

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